Treating Dry & Brittle Hair

Treating Dry &  Brittle Hair:

Seven tips for treating Brittle hair. Its important to feed the hair from the outside as well as within. Follow a high protein, nutritious diet.

Genetically I have thin hair and with age I’ve had the added issue of dyes drying out the hair considerably. To help combat this I have reverted to water dyes which hopefully overtime, once the dead hair has grown out, will help the hair to appear more healthy.

Washing my dry thin locks is a complex business too!. Whilst on one hand the extra dry hair requires moisture the thin hair won’t take any form of conditioner. I’ve tried so many and not one has made me feel comfortable, with a feeling of limp and lack of volume that requires cleaning the following day!.

My feeling is that I required a shampoo with wonderful moisturising qualities and then when I come to styling add a little Argan oil to the ends of the roots – perhaps once a week a full head of Argan oil mixed with a homemade vegetable/fruit mask.

I found this one in my local pharmacy last week and I am feeling the hair is a little more comfortable. I shall see how I go and just keep on with my research.

I have been chatting to various people for advice and tips and here are a few hair tips I have picked up over the past week.

1. Skin Hair Nails  – Whole foods (I will return with names)

2. Brushes that don’t snag or pull (I will return with names) ask your local hairdressing salon too

3. Nettle Tea – you can make this fresh from home – its supposed to help new hair grow!

4. Bear grease – Native American secret Bear Grease! – not something accessible – unless living in Canada! however I found this very interesting indeed…

5. Fungus Orange – for treating Hair loss – you might like to do your own research on this

6. Natural Oils: Avocado and Coconut and I am using Shea Butter frequently too. I recommend One hair mask a week and over a month or so you should start to see the hair shaft recover.

7. Satin Silk Pillow cases to avoid breakages – (cotton can be a little harsh on delicate fine hair)

8.Vitamin D is a very important supplement – one we often forget or aren’t aware we are lacking