Camouflage Make-up Services

I provide one to one or workshop sessions for clients with skin conditions. These services inlude:

Acne, Vitiligo, UV damage, scarring, tattoo cover and more.

What products are used?

Commerical cover make-up; Dermablend and Kryolan products and an aftercare with home-made or raw products

An example of treating scars using makeup

Before camouflage

Before scar camouflage

After camouflage

After Scar Camouflage  copy


Camouflage Makeup Lesson Mentor – (2-3.5 hours) £150.00 + products + Travel

Whats inside the makeup package

  • Product consultation to discuss the tones, colours and brands.
  • A camouflage brush kit is available to use during demonstration that is also available for sale
  • Antonia demonstrates the makeup procedure with useful techniques and tips
    The client applies the makeup with Antonia’s supervision
    All makeup is mapped out / recorded and emailed to the client.
  • The consultation timings may vary according to the severity of the skin condition and the individual. Antonia is flexible with her time as its in her interest to ensure the client is 100 percent comfortable with the result of the camouflage aswell as confident with applying the makeup unsupervised.

Antonia is flexible to travel Nationwide providing all travel expenses are covered.

Antonia may not always be available for the above services however she has a top notch team of artists that can replace her anytime.

Travel Costs

Mileage, congestion charge, parking and travcel time fees will apply and be determined upon application

International Rates: (3 hour day rate) £250 or (six hour day rate) £450.00: (evening after 6pm rate £100.00 per hour)

Travelling time is charged @ half the rate of the service x 2 days of the return journey

All transfers/return fares to and from the airport UK end and destination of client + airfares and accommodation are applicable – with a minimum 3 star accommodation

Booking Information

A contract will be forwarded once a booking has been verbally agreed. The contract will outline the terms and conditions aswell as the event details. Once the contract is signed/dated and the deposit received, Antonia will secure the date.


Please call on 07939 116 219 to make a booking or use our enquiry form for further enquires on our products and services.