Sugar-free Hairspray – a product I won’t go without!

Sugar-free Hairspray –  I am frequently styling the hair on both adults and kids and thrilled to have found a non-toxic spray that keeps hair in place

Hair-spray by Suncoat – Tried and Tested – in my opinion, revolutionary.

Enriched with vitamin E, Fragrance Free and Alcohol-free

Its brilliantWHY?

It holds the hair in place, styles beautifully and both the client and myself are happy to avoid the fumes!! PLUS this one is completely toxic free

Why its so important to choose your hairspray wisely?

I have at last found the ultimate natural hairspray that has changed my working life forever.! I no longer need to feel anxious about coming out of a shoot / event or pamper party feeling hoarse and heavy chested!!! Unfortunately I have been blessed with ultra sensitive lungs.

I feel certain at least a third of the population are sensitive and its particularly crucial to find a natural spray of any kind if living in the cities where pollutant elements are effecting our health we could do without another contributing factor.

Suncoat Hair Styling Spray