Raw Brownies

These Brownies are simply delicious to nibble on at any time of the day…
Sliced Brownie



Its been two weeks now since I last ate sugar and i’m not missing it at all. I was a dark chocoholic so its something of a miracle.

I have taken Deliciously Ella’s brownie recipe and added a few extras.
The main ingredients –

2 cups of of majool dates,

1 cup of pecan nuts,

2/4 tablespoons of 100% cocoa (depending on how dark you like it),

Maple syrup this is optional make sure if you do buy it that its 100 percent pure.


Dark Brownies
Brownie Method –

Crumble the pecan nuts then add the rest of the mixture.

When its a paste mixture roll it into shape and slice it into pieces and refridgerate over night.

Antonia’s Extra Toppings –

Leave them as they are or I made a selection with a light coating of oat cake crumbs that worked really well.


drizzle raw chocolate paste over the top of each brownie as shown below Р mixed with a little maple syrup if you have a little sweet tooth.


Brownie 3