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This week I was approached by Womans Magazine. They asked me if I would share some industry insight and my past clients. Their articles are going to be based on real life case studies. Readers will get a feel of the lengths a teen girl goes to when preparing for her big day.

The piece will focus on how Proms are no longer just a US phenomenon, that they are a huge event in the UK now.

Antonia Applying makeup

Antonia applying the party make-up

I personally became aware that the proms mania had taken off in the UK and growing to become a big part of our teen culture whilst living near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire in 2007. The first signs were obvious to me. As the majority of my clientele came from London and Gloucestershire I was aware that kids from the countryside were into very different hobbies and styles than the city girls. Whilst the girls in the country preferred animals, nature and adventure the clients from London were all about sophistication and glamour. This all gradually changed and my makeup and hairstyling packages became as much in demand in the country as London. I could see then that America’s proms culture was catching on over here and it was a growing market.
Antonia’s makeup set up

I design makeover packages for the Proms group rather than the individual this way its more affordable as they can split the costs between them. My product is usually the last on their to-do-list and most of their expenses are spent on dresses. I designed a pre-dressing up party pamper that is both atmospheric and fun. As a big part of the proms event is about dressing up and showing off their dresses this service compliments their evening.

dressing table set up for hair and makeup

I offer bespoke makeover packages for my clients and am usually acccompanied by an assistant. We will work along the production line of teens providing each of them with their desired looks or co-ordinate the make-up with their dress. We offer a range of stunning lashes, jewels, lipsick, blusher, colourful eye shimmers and a range of body glitters. They soon look the bell of the ball!.