My Jungle Beauty Secret

Beauty Secret: Use natural rose water for toning. Shea butter for moisturising. Its  wonderful for the hair, skin nails and face and home-made masks.

Shea butter and Rose Water. Thats all I need to complete my routine. The cream is rich and great for scalp skin and hair growth.

You can use these two ingredients as a basis for wonderful masks and exfoliants. I shall post a few ideas.

Rose Hip Oil

I use this on my crows feet and fine forehead lines and nose to mouth.

Method: Best applied at 6pm when the skin is rejuvenating. Apply a little amount on the index finger and press firmly on the skin.

Argan Oil

I have apply a little on the ends of my hair after blowdrying – Thicker corse hair will require more.


Argan Oil and Rose Oil


shea butter and rose water