Lecture Workshops

Bespoke Corporate & Professional Business & Marketing Tailor-made Services

I have over the years formed a great network of specialist business experts and have developed training packages for businesses and small sole traders. I provide a invaluable Advisory Service for kick-starting a career OR building a brand

Corporate Packages

Language & Foreign etiquettes & International relation Mentor

Fast track English, Spanish, French and Italian

Make-up Grooming lectures & Styling

How to build your brand

It Modern Technology

Photo Editing

Videos & Editing

Make-up Career Boosters

Make-up training refresher courses or tasters

Tips and tricks to meet your goals

Marketing Advice

Technical Tips

Photo Editing

Professional Practice

The products can either be used as an add-on to run in conjunction with another business/education training program or just as a one off – for large audiences or one-to-one