Intro to Beauty Lectures in Oxford

Day-Evening Makeover Masterclass designed for the non professional

Who will be my lecturer? Antonia Spicer

What day will Antonia be teaching/demo? Sunday 23rd April Antonia will run her next session

How many at one time?: Up to 15 participants

How long are the sessions? 3 hours (11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm)

What brand are used? 80% Mac Cosmetics and 20% range of branded products

Where do the lectures take place? Oxford Travel Lodge (just off the roundabout)

My first day running an ‘Intro to Beauty’ Make-up workshop at The Travel Lodge, Oxford
I used Mac brand products – here is my set up, along with lights
london-makeup-artist.comTravel Lodge Makeup WorkshopTravel Lodge Make-up Workshop