Halloween 2017

For Halloween 2017 I was hired in Oxfordshire to apply a couple of walking dead make-up designs. I chose this ladies outfit on the day so the make-up design was thought through on the moment. I used green to compliment her hair colouring and skin tone and created a leafy look that might also resemble swan like features and nature. Her eyes were given a smokey feel and her nose was highlighted in white to reflect the white swan head feature. I left the skin natural except for a dark green contour to allow the contrast to create a mild walking dead feel – for drama.





Here are a few past event pictures for character makeovers….







Antonia Spicer Make-up Artist – London
Make-up, SFX, Face-art, Hairstyling, face-painting, Halloween Party Bags, Costume & Props

Make-up & Hair Services – London & Oxford

I provide prosthetic spooky character creations to sparkly elegant Poison Ivy themed eyes, designer face art and special effects – blood, cuts and gouls !, body painting the arms or neck to blend with the total look is also a popular request. I am a great advisory service for customers who would like guidance with their character of choice and or friend / family member – I will also assist with colour schemes so they compliment the costume.

(On occasions I am also asked to proivde the costume at short notice as well as the appropriate props).

Themed Water-based (non-toxic) Nail designs and hair accessories as well as themed party boxes and bags

Variety of nails and hair pieces available please enquire for more information on the products and services available. I also hand-craft Halloween party boxes and bags for the guests to take home.

Event Make-up Team

I have a reliable team of artists should the party require being made up prior to their evening out. I will map out the design/product specifications and along with my team  apply the event staff/guests with templates/temp tattoos, paint freelstyle glittery/neon fast effective designs or a spooky them such as skulls, pumpkins, sugar skulls and much more…

Here is a little taster of the diverse make-up for accomodating adult & kids. For a private family or corporate event.


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