Filming – On Set in Hyde Park

Filming – On set in Hyde Park

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Such a lovely day filming in Hyde Park on Friday with a production company I’ve worked with over the years. Beautiful script about a chance encounter leads to love. Such a sweet script!


My make-up was applied to four actors (2 female 2 male) Natural every day hair & makeup

small fileOutside work provides various challenges. Cameras can only start rolling when the light is at its right peak. If its a cloudy day like it was on this day the cameras must use the gap between the clouds which provides little time for filming each section so the crew must act fast. The lighting must be a balance – neither too grey or too bright – so its a highly technical job for the team. We were fortunate as although rain was forecast the down-pour arrived in the latter stage of the afternoon so we were able to finish filming just in time.

I prepared the make-up before and touched up the make-up between shoots. I made my self useful during filming assisting in crewclearing pedestrians strolling by between takes. Every minute of the filming process is critical.



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