January 2018 Shooting the film ‘Composure’


Composure Synopsis

A moving drama that highlights depicts of reality about a young talented musician who suffers abuse at the hands of his step father. For fear of upsetting his mother he adores he chooses to keep his dark secret close to his chest and uses his passion for music to block the physical and mental pain of abuse. His mother eventually catches her husband red handed when she returns home unexpectedly where she witnesses his Jackal & Hyde temperament in full flight and she protectively rescues her son. 

Film Writer/Director/Producer 

The writer and director of Composure, Stamos Birsim (his second film), creates a powerful poignant narrative with a style of compassion and purpose-fulness that projects reality. Whilst acknowledging the global sensitive traumas of abuse he provides a moralistic message and generates a waive of engaging dramatic sequences, that tap into our imagination and cord of emotion. Without doubt anyone viewing this will be moved and hopefully a positive impact will ensue with abuse victims declining overtime. 

Antonia Spicer Film Critic – through the eyes of Composure’s make-up artist

The story is set in a seemingly ordinary family life with a genius talented young musician who is conveyed as mature beyond his years with the world at his feet. Behind closed doors a contrasting picture, a mentally vulnerable boy potentially destroyed of ambition and future. The sequence of events are strikingly real to life and conveying just how much abuse effects lives on various levels . It masterfully captures the interaction through the lens of the evil perpetrator and the effect it has on the victim and family members. This is expertly portrayed in two ways; the piano playing forming an escapism that projects the emotional and potentially damaging consequence of isolating ones feelings and shutting out the world, whilst the musical talent embraces and represents a harmonious strong positivity to never let go of dreams. 

The video and stills coming soon…