Camouflage Workshops – Scars



I provide private one to one lessons and workshop sessions for clients with skin conditions. Inludes: Acne, Vitiligo, UV damage, scarring, tattoo cover and more using both Dermablend and Kryolan products

Many of my client’s are also referred to me via top mirco-pigmentation clinics who were unable to treat their client’s.

Scar – Before Make-up

Before scar camouflage

Before Scar Camouflage

My goal is to ensure the client achieves the knowledge and confidence to use corrective makeup effectively for everyday purposes or for special occasions.

I am always so thrilled to see the transformation in confidence when my clients realise just how easy it is to cover their skin scars or blemishes.

Scar – After Makeup

After Scar Camouflage  copy

After Scar Camouflage

At the end of the session I will have demonstrated a camouflage makeup that looks natural to the naked eye. A brush kit is available to purchase with my instructions.

The client will complete the session rehearsing the application using all the correct tools. I won’t leave them until they feel confident that they can recreate the makeup unsupervised at home.

As its such a senstive area I offer on-going support after the session via skype or email.

Tattoo camounflage workshop  – Before & After


tattoo before

Before tattoo camouflage

After Camouflaging a tattoo

After Camouflaging a tattoo